Drinking changes things

Margaret Cochran Corbin’s post American Revolution life was a struggle. She barely survived the war. She was shot in the arm, the chest, and the jaw. Many people wonder how she even survived. It was a miracle that she did not bleed out on the battle- field. Margaret did the impossible and survived long enough […]

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Who was Molly Pitcher?

Who was Molly Pitcher? When first looking at the Molly Pitcher story, all people really see is the heroine of the American Revolutionary War. She was a figure that people created, but in fact, no one could actually put a face to the name that they created. The story of Molly Pitcher closely intertwines with […]

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The Man behind the Woman

Margaret Cochran Corbin was a very brave woman who fought for this country, but what led to her decision? Her decision to fight stemmed from her husbands decision to fight. So who exactly was the man behind the woman? John Corbin was a Virginia Farmer with a normal life. He married Margaret when she was […]

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